What Makes a Mattress Entitled to Wear its Bespoke Label?

Getting a quality sleep during nighttime is possibly one of the most important things to maintain physical and mental health, be it for children or adults. At some point in our lives, we most probably have experienced pain such as backache thinking it was due to work but honestly, it’s just our bed acting out. Believe it or not, what comforts a tailored dress or bespoke shoes can provide to its wearers, it is the same with mattresses to our bodies. It is best for a mattress to be customized to obtain nicest fit with our physical and psychological needs. These custom made mattresses are made with various things being considered into. They are made of many aspects which are:

Bed Foundation

It is vital to have the base from some breathable materials especially for those who always wake up during the night with hair sticking onto their foreheads. Because of that, some customized mattresses have an adjustable sprung slatted bed bases. It operates with a sprung slatted base which means it’s supported by slats, rather than single flat surface. Not only is the slats base breathable, but it also works as a springy base that keeps the mattress straight without sagging. This offers extra comfort to people using it. You can even customize the springiness to suit your mood.


A customizable mattress can come with customizable firmness on each side of it to satisfy both parties. There are three available densities which are soft, medium and firm that you can choose according to your preference. The wrong level of firmness can possibly lead to wrongly aligned spinal which then will cause you a great deal of misery and pain in the long run. It can also come with multi-zonal back support and mono-zone support. This kind of customizable mattress uses a special 7-zone back technique that provides support for most parts of your body. This means the level of firmness differs in different areas of your body such as shoulders and hips. There are areas provided with extra support and extra softness, depending on the needs.

Type of Latex

Choosing the right latex for your mattress is as important as other aspects such as personal preferences that will ascertain your sleeping system. If we choose springy mattresses for its bounciness, as years go by, we should know that it will be worn out. The solution to this problem is by choosing natural latex as it can last up to 15 to 20 years. Other than its elasticity, it is also organic due to zero usage of pesticide. Natural latex is a popular choice due to its many benefits both short and long term.


The making of customizable mattress also considers your preferred size of a mattress. Certain people desire for their mattresses to be a certain size to fit their favorite bed frames. Therefore, the custom way becomes the best choice for them.

After all, we often say that money neither can buy health nor happiness, but when money can prevent future pains and aches that might be caused by bad sleeping postures, habits and medical conditions, really there is no reason to hesitate investing in an affordable customized mattress made just for you and only you