Want to Look 10 Years Younger? Rejuran Treatment Can Do That

From the Arctic to the Antarctic and Fareast to the West, women across the world strive to look younger. And for that, they are generally prescribed many things from attire to nail color to hair care and all sorts of cosmetics. But everything goes in vain if you don’t take care of your skin, because only a bright, glowing skin can give you the much-desired youthful look.

Aesthetic treatment of the skin is essential to have a bespoke beauty. Although there are many treatment procedures, Rejuran treatment, the latest of all, has taken the Singaporeans by storm.

What it achieves

The great advantage of Rejuran treatments is that it improves the skin inside out through a biological process. As it replenishes the needs of the inner skin layers, it reverses the signs of damages on the upper skin. Thus, your skin glows with the aura of the youth.

Does it hurt?

As a numbing cream is applied before administering the Rejuran treatment, you experience no pain during the process. Some also take a painkiller one hour before the treatment as additional protection. It causes only mild pinpoint bleeding that stops immediately, and the swelling also subsides within a day or two.

What is the downtime?

Rejuran treatment has minimal downtime. As a small needle is used, there is no serious damage. The little bumps on the skin disappear within a day and the needle pricks fade out with 3 to 4 days. Wearing a large sunglass makes these barely noticeable.

What is Rejuran treatment?

It is a non-invasive skincare treatment that has a very good surge of late. Salmon DNA very closely resembles human DNA making it compatible with the human system. For this reason, micro-droplets of Salmon DNA are injected under the skin through tiny a needle for healing the wounds and regenerating the skin. It is also approved by the Singapore Health Science Authority (HSA).

Who are suitable for this?

Anyone who wants to prevent aging and have radiant skin can undergo this treatment. Both men and women start showing the first sign of skin aging from their mid-twenties. They can take this to retard the aging process.

How does it help the skin?

Our skin is just like a mattress. As you grow older, your skin also ages and the effect goes deep into the inner layers. When these layers are damaged, they cannot provide support to the outer layer of the skin and it starts sink forming wrinkles, lines, scratches, and other skin imperfections.

PNs (Polynucleotides) from Salmon DNA is injected into the skin. It activates the skin cells that are responsible for collagen production.  It helps to improve the thickness and density of the skin layers. Thus, they become more elastic and remove the sagging effect. It also repairs the damaged skin cells. With its anti-inflammatory property, PN helps to remove scars on your faces. These entail an overall development in the skin quality, and you are blessed with a youthful appearance.