Tennis Elbow Injury and Treatments Available in Singapore

Singaporean Reliable Medical Care

Singapore is known all over the world for their amazing advancements and practices of medical science. For years now they have cultivated their entire nation to live strong, healthy lives. They take pride in the fact that they have some of the best health services to offer, so much so that they now inviting visitors from all over the world to seek these medical services. This they have branded as ‘medical tourism’ and what appeals most to some of the visitors who might be a part of this medical tourism is that the services being offered in Singapore can prove to be far more cheaper than those being offered in their own domestic countries. This benefits both parties as the visitors can seek safe, reliable official medical care without paying an arm and a leg and the Singaporean government can profit off of increased tourism rates and praised additions to their international reputation.

Over all, it is a great nation which has contributed greatly to medical science and practice and their advancements are only going up from here. You can count on their hospitals and specially trained doctors to diagnose your condition and also help you on your way to recovery by providing safe and effective methods and treatments to cure your ailment(s).

It is incredible how they can root our even the most obscure maladies within the human body and it is even more admirable how despite having the expertise and knowledge of curing even the biggest medical threats, they can also cure everyday medical problems, efficiently.

What Causes Tennis Elbow?

The simplest of all conditions can occur to even the most cautious of people. Take ‘tennis elbows’. While this condition sounds like something a professional tennis player may suffer from, it can happen to anyone never having had to step into a court.

This condition is caused by overusing the muscles located around the upper arm/elbow area and because of overuse, the tendons located within these muscles can be subjected to fraying and even tears. Because of chronic use, the muscles become sore and that is what causes pain which can even limit mobility within the affected region.

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Treatments for Pain

For this condition, there have been various cures and aids introduced, some more modern (such as surgery) than the others. One of these modern solutions to your everyday tennis elbow condition can be Cortisone Injections. One of the rasher methods of relief when it comes to joint pain. This treatment is for those who could not find relief from the other, more natural methods such as resting the sore muscle, physically therapeutic massages and others. This injection consists of cortisone which is a fast-acting steroid which can help alleviate pain by soothing the strained tendons with its active anti-inflammatory properties.

Though this is a fast acting solution, many patients have claimed that while the relief is quick to occur, the effects only last for a short amount of time. When the effect of this steroid injection is over, the pain comes back, in some cases, worse than the start.

So, while the cortisone injection is an effective way of aiding pain, it is short-lived and the after-effects can prove to be worse than the starting condition itself.

There are other treatments available such as therapy or platelet-rich plasma injections so be sure to seek a professional opinion from a medical practitioner or doctor for a diagnosis of the stage of your tennis elbow condition first. Then, take time to consider all the options of treatment available to you before making a decision.