Rotator Cuff Injury Treatment – Does It Help?

swollen shoulder compress with hand and ice pack

For athletes as well as sports fans, rotator cuff injury is not at all a new term. To call it in simple terms, they are shoulder injuries, and can limit your movements, hurt you and take good amount of time to recover. It can lead to acute pain in your shoulder that often deteriorates while you try sleeping on the area involved.

There are lots of remedies you can try out to treat your shoulder problem and move smoothly. So how should you go about it…. We’ll have a look. However, if you are experiencing sharp and relentless pain, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. You can read more about how orthopedic specialists can help you here.

Are There Any Symptoms You Face in Rotator Cuff Injury?

Rotator cuff is one of the common shoulder injuries seen specifically among active and old people. The condition can be asymptomatic or symptomatic. However, you can face the following symptoms in some instances:

  • Feel Weakness in The Area Injured
  • Feel Problem to Raise Your Arm
  • Hear Popping or Clicking While Moving Your arm
  • Not capable To Lift Your Things as Normal
  • Hurt While Moving Your Arm If You Lie on It or Other Ways

If you ignore the signs, then you are likely to face serious pain over the time. So, see a Doctor immediately and get accurate solution for the problem.

What are the Common Rotator Cuff Injuries?

Common rotator cuff injuries you are likely to face are:


It occurs when your muscle swells & restricts the space amid your shoulder bones and arm resulting in pinching. Common causes are:

  • Overuse Injuries
  • Bone spurs
  • Muscle Strain


Lesser you will see this rotator cuff injury. And it occurs when your muscle tears up.

How Do Doctors Diagnose Rotator Cuff Injuries?

Your Doctor begins examining your shoulder and throws limelight into the past incidents resulting to the problem. And then they turn towards one of the following advanced technologies to diagnose the problem instantly:

  • X-Rays
  • Ultrasound
  • MRI

While the tests are on your Doctor checks your muscle strength and motion range. Additionally he/she checks on the movements to hurt your shoulder specifically.

How Can You Treat Rotator Cuff Injury?

Rotator cuff treatment lies on the criticality of the stage you are in. Obviously, your doctor would try to cure the problem following some sorts of exercises. However, you need to follow the RICE technique prior to that.

R – Rest

I – Ice

C – Compression

E – Elevation

Following the aforesaid technique, you can feel much controlled swelling and pain. And once the swelling is reduced you can carry out the regular exercises:

  • Doorway Stretch
  • Reverse Fly
  • Pull Lawn Mower
  • High to Low Rows
  • External side-Lying Rotation

Other than this there is rehabilitation therapy. If the problem turns higher then your Doctor has the only option left i.e. surgical procedure.  

Are There Any Complications?

Surgical treatment proves more effective in the long term than non-operative treatment for rotator cuff injury. Doctors are expert professionals to guide and plan your workout routine to help you balance your shoulder muscle. Seek guidance from your expert doctor and lead a healthy life!