Odd-sized Mattresses? Choose the Custom Way

We cannot deny that on some occasions and for some reasons, we are forced to choose the less traveled road. It is the same with mattresses.


Be it our weight or our height, our health concerns or our unique preferences, our room or bedding that requires dedicated sizing, even our pet that owes its special bedding. Eventually, we must admit that we cannot stick to what is considered normal. But really, no worries. The world of mattresses understands it well. Thus, it offers similar breadth of specialty, catering for every idiosyncrasy that humans may have. A mattress provider that prides itself in customization is Sofzsleep customizable mattresses.


Bedroom sizes

In some instances, ordinary size mattresses cannot be brought into a bedroom because of inadequate height or width of the door-frames or the size of the bedroom itself. It is common for young couples in space-constraint Singapore, an island with area less than 1000 square kilometres, to start building their lives together in a tiny apartment. Where money is not a big concern – with GDP per capita of Singapore, the country is known to be among the wealthiest in the world – it is best to think of this situation positively, because in the end it gives opportunity for young couples to rethink strategy of designing their home interior including their decision to choose size of bedding.


Mattress sizes

Besides, having a dynamic economy like Singapore, expatriates came in droves to make their living in the island and in some instances they bring along their bedding of different sizes. We might think that the king-size is universal all over the world, but this is far from the fact. In Europe, the king size mattress is wider by 10 centimetres compared to Singapore size. Hence, the final choice is to buy custom-made, or else, the favourite bedding of the family would have to bury in the attic or be passed to others as preloved.


Differently shaped mattresses

If we have at home or on board of a yacht, a rounded or oval bed, it is perfect for customized mattress. After several years, the mattress that comes with the bedding itself must have worn out and need replacement. Thankfully, there are mattress suppliers which take for odd-shaped mattresses. Just come in with the measurement and determine your materials and let them do the rest.


Mattresses for pets

Additionally, consider also the unique-sized bedding for our dearest pets. The dog or the cat deserves just as much care as one of our family members. We owe them big for the warmth, loyalty, and companionship they have shown for many years. For that small space where they can hide their furry heads and have a tight sleep, customized mattress can be the best of gifts to celebrate their existence in our lives. If we are lucky enough, when we buy custom-made mattress from a supplier, they may offer a free custom-made mattress for our pets, too. Of course, this kind of offer is amazing and hard to resist!


So, who dare to say that a road less traveled would be less interesting? Buying mattresses, the custom way can be more exciting and adventurous than choosing the ordinary.