Life after ACL Tear Surgery in Singapore

It is true that if you undergo ACL surgery, you will take some time in coming back to routine tasks. Don’t think you will recover overnight and will start sports the very next day. However, once that time is over, you will see significant improvement in your injured knee and will be able to cherish sports as well.

As per research done on the cases, it was learnt as out of 122 cases of knee injuries, as many as 90 percent were able to carry out their normal sports activities after ACL tear surgery for injured knees.

Learning about recovery time after ACL Surgery

The recovery process after ACL surgery is slightly different in Singapore from other surgical procedures. It involves number of activities,

  • Doctors prescribe some strong painkillers so as to reduce the pain.
  • Situation after surgery varies from patient to patient. Some patients get a chance to return to their homes the same day after surgery, whereas others may need to stay overnight or probably more than that.
  • When the surgery is done, doctors recommend walking and getting up from the bed with the help of crutches. More quickly you are out of the bed, better it would be for you to recover.
  • In the next 6 weeks, you will see yourself walking but with the help of crutches.
  • As far as driving is concerned, you can resume that after 4 to 6 weeks.
  • In case you wonder when to re-join office, then you will be able to do so after 2 weeks at least for desk based job. In case your job require some physical activity or some exertion, then it may take more than 2 weeks.
  • For athletes, the required rest is for 6 months to 1 year. For some people, this time would be 9 months. As earlier said, it all depends upon the physical strength of the person and also on the recovery period one takes. Some people recover quickly, whereas others may take slightly long.

How long you should take Pain Killers?

An experience of taking pain killers also vary from one patient to other. Some takes pain killers for long whereas some may only take for initial few days. In the starting days after surgery in Singapore, strong painkillers are recommended by the surgeon, which should be taken by everyone. Normally dose for one week is advised by the doctor. But after that, one should restrict the use of painkiller and give some time to knee for natural recovery.

What to expect after Surgery?

Some common risks after ACL tear includes:

  • Infection on the site of surgery. However, if you take antibiotics which is recommended by the doctor, then infection might not attack you.
  • There might be mild swelling, redness or even stiffness on the knee or any side around knee. It could be due to surgery and will fade away on its own. However, it the situation persists, then its better to see the doctor.

Before planning for ACL tear surgery, make sure you get all the relevant information about the procedure.