old lady in a mobility aid with crutches

Improving Mobility and Walking After Stroke

old lady in a mobility aid with crutches

Why is Mobility So Important For Stroke Patients?

A person can walk and move after a stroke. However, the ability of the person depends mainly upon the following:

  • The part of the brain that was affected
  • The medical history
  • The severity of the stroke
  • The part of the motor sensor and nerves recovered 

Recent medical research has shown that even the stroke recovered patients have chances of getting back to their normal mobility. People who have been successful in the walk have been walking better than before. Indeed, you would need medical assistance from therapists as well. Walking aids used by stroke patients will receive results that are going to be superb for you.

How Does Repetition Help In Recovery?

The level of repetition is essential for the patient to have a better recovery. The growth of the dendrites that are affected owing to stoke improves after repeated walks and such therapy sessions. These activities are enough to increase the production of neurons in the brain, thus improving motor improvement. 

Determine The Total Number Of Steps

The total number of steps for each session should be between 1000 to 2000. If you are home, then the number of steps should be at least 2000. Two thousand steps make one kilometre, which is what a stroke recovered patient should practice each day. If you follow this practice, you will improve your brain activities and thus enhance motor performance. 

How About The Heart Rate?

Considering heart rate, it should be at 85 when walking. This is the bare minimum rate at which the heart should work when the stroke patient recovers. You can keep a record by recording the number of steps taken by you each minute. It is better to take at least 80 steps in a minute to make the heartbeat at 85. If you just have had a stroke and you are at the start of your stroke recovery, then try the treadmill as well. It is, however, advisable to walk a bit slow to avoid any chances of falling at the start. There are, of course, chances of better recovery once you try to rush fast. 

Importance of Mobility Rate

It is also good to take help from the available stroke mobility aids. If you have started to walk faster, then it is good to have stroke mobility aids. These aids can be helpful for early recovery. You can get wireless personal pager for that purpose. This can be a helpful tool for support in case of any emergency. There is yet another Fall Management Non Slip Larger socks. These particular products ensure your safety when you take steps towards recovery. 

In the end, it is all about movements and proper therapy that stroke patients can completely recover from this issue. However, it is better to take medical advice considering the medical history of the patient as well. Consultant or therapist services can also be availed for the said purpose to achieve the desired results.