Get Trigger Finger Treatment Done – Surgical or Non-Surgical Treatments?

Trigger finger is a medical condition wherein your finger locks when you try to bend or straighten it. Although the condition occurs in thumb or ring finger mainly, yet it is likely to affect any of your fingers. Mostly the trigger finger occurs owing to the pulley’s inflammation.

Medicine has advanced to such extent for all to undergo several nonsurgical treatments (if not severe) in Singapore nowadays. This is really a fruitful news…. isn’t it?

What Is the Treatment’s Goal?

Specific home remedies may work better to treat your trigger finger. The trigger finger treatment aims at reducing sheath and tendon’s inflammation to let unimpeded tendon’s free movement.

Which Option Is Better for Trigger Finger – Surgical or Non-Surgical Treatments?

Actually, the best treatment lays depends on your finger’s critical condition doctor will prescribe useful exercises or medications. And the last step if required, would be surgery. More information on trigger finger diagnosis and treatments can be found here.

What Is the First Step Prescribed By Your Orthopedic Specialist?

If your trigger finger is in the initial stage your doctor is likely to prescribe few easy things to do:

  • Rest Your Finger
  • Avoid doing activities that aggravate the injury
  • Limit doing activities that might trigger more pain

How Do Exercises Work for Trigger Finger?

Exercises work well to treat your condition. There are some easy exercises you can carry out everywhere. Things you will require to perform the exercises include the following:

  • Elastic Band
  • Different Small Objects (Pens, Coins & Bottle Tops)

Just spend (10-15) minutes every day to carry out the exercises. After a day or two you can raise the time once you get strength. You can also raise number of sets as well as repetitions. But keep in mind not to forcefully impose the exercises as it can increase the pain.

What Are the Exercises You Can Do?

Doing these easy exercises will help to treat your trigger finger:

  • Finger Extensor Stretch
  • Finger Spread
  • Palm Presses
  • Finger Abduction
  • ‘O’ Exercise
  • Object Pickups
  • Finger Stretches
  • Tendon Gliding
  • Towel or Paper Grasp
  • Hand & Finger Openers

What Are the Non-Surgical Treatments?

Apart from the exercises there are some other non-surgical treatments to treat trigger finger. Have a look at them:

  • Taking OTC Medicines
  • Applying Ice
  • Splinting
  • Getting Steroid Injections

Does Surgery Help?

Even after trying all the non-surgical treatments your problem continues to persist then your Doctor will have no other option but to suggest surgery. Mind you…. Doctors in this scenario also suggest surgery if your fingers bents out if its position or caught permanently.

There are usually two approaches taken by doctors. Firstly, they just make a minor incision to release your pulley for smooth movement. Secondly, they push needle into your affected part and release pulley.

It reduces the symptoms and pains to a large extent rather than taking steroid injections for a ‘quick fix’.