3 Things You Must Consider Before Shopping for Home Health Care Products

Buying Home Health Care Supplies  Let’s face it, buying home healthcare products in Singapore is somewhat daunting. From finding a good supplier to narrowing down the best deals, you are going to have a lot on your plate. Without help, you are likely going to be overwhelmed. To turn things around, you have to make elaborate plans and do deep and extensive research to find everything from upcoming trends to hot deals. Before visiting any store to restock your home healthcare products, there are a few things you must give careful considerations to. In this article, we are going to be looking at a few of them. Quality Health Care Products If you are new to health care products, you may have the notion that every product on the market is of high quality. But that is far from the truth. Many stores offer low-quality medication and health care equipment. So before buying from any vendor, it is wise you check if their products have certification and warranties. If the products offered by a store aren’t up to industry standard, you should look elsewhere. And remember that there is no substitute for high-quality healthcare products.   Product Inventory Presently, there are a lot of stores that offer healthcare products in Singapore. An easy way to narrow down a good one is to check their product inventory. A vendor with a wide variety of medical equipment and products will be better able to satisfy the needs of customers. When a store has a wide variety of products, it will be easy for you to compare products and pick the best one for your budget. Most vendors that offer medical products have their product inventory on their website. If you don’t have it there, you should visit the store in person to make your inquiries. Technical Expertise Buying from a supplier who knows the intricate details of medical products will make your life a whole lot easier. Since they know a whole lot about everything from medications to healthcare equipment, they may be able to determine what is best suited for your unique needs. What’s more, they will be able to come help repair and service your equipment if need be. After-Sale Service Before choosing a vendor, it is wise that you first inquire if they have a good after sale service. After-sale service involves the maintenance of medical equipment, repairs, and everything in between. A good vendor should have a reliable support service that can come to the aid of customers when they need support. Final Note When it comes to choosing healthcare products, quality is everything. Finding high-quality home health care supplies aren’t always easy. Applying the tips discussed in this article will go a long way to turn things around. Before choosing any vendor or supplier, you must ensure they have an excellent customer care team, experts with years of experience in the medical space, and a great after sale service. If you notice any red flags, you should find another vendor. 

old lady in a mobility aid with crutches

Improving Mobility and Walking After Stroke

Why is Mobility So Important For Stroke Patients? A person can walk and move after a stroke. However, the ability of the person depends mainly upon the following: The part of the brain that was affected The medical history The severity of the stroke The part of the motor sensor and nerves recovered  Recent medical research has shown that even the stroke recovered patients have chances of getting back to their normal mobility. People who have been successful in the walk have been walking better than before. Indeed, you would need medical assistance from therapists as well. Walking aids used by stroke patients will receive results that are going to be superb for you. How Does Repetition Help In Recovery? The level of repetition is essential for the patient to have a better recovery. The growth of the dendrites that are affected owing to stoke improves after repeated walks and such therapy sessions. These activities are enough to increase the production of neurons in the brain, thus improving motor improvement.  Determine The Total Number Of Steps The total number of steps for each session should be between 1000 to 2000. If you are home, then the number of steps should be at least 2000. Two thousand steps make one kilometre, which is what a stroke recovered patient should practice each day. If you follow this practice, you will improve your brain activities and thus enhance motor performance.  How About The Heart Rate? Considering heart rate, it should be at 85 when walking. This is the bare minimum rate at which the heart should work when the stroke patient recovers. You can keep a record by recording the number of steps taken by you each minute. It is better to take at least 80 steps in a minute to make the heartbeat at 85. If you just have had a stroke and you are at the start of your stroke recovery, then try the treadmill as well. It is, however, advisable to walk a bit slow to avoid any chances of falling at the start. There are, of course, chances of better recovery once you try to rush fast.  Importance of Mobility Rate It is also good to take help from the available stroke mobility aids. If you have started to walk faster, then it is good to have stroke mobility aids. These aids can be helpful for early recovery. You can get wireless personal pager for that purpose. This can be a helpful tool for support in case of any emergency. There is yet another Fall Management Non Slip Larger socks. These particular products ensure your safety when you take steps towards recovery.  In the end, it is all about movements and proper therapy that stroke patients can completely recover from this issue. However, it is better to take medical advice considering the medical history of the patient as well. Consultant or therapist services can also be availed for the said purpose to achieve the desired results. 

Life after ACL Tear Surgery in Singapore

It is true that if you undergo ACL surgery, you will take some time in coming back to routine tasks. Don’t think you will recover overnight and will start sports the very next day. However, once that time is over, you will see significant improvement in your injured knee and will be able to cherish sports as well. As per research done on the cases, it was learnt as out of 122 cases of knee injuries, as many as 90 percent were able to carry out their normal sports activities after ACL tear surgery for injured knees. Learning about recovery time after ACL Surgery The recovery process after ACL surgery is slightly different in Singapore from other surgical procedures. It involves number of activities, Doctors prescribe some strong painkillers so as to reduce the pain. Situation after surgery varies from patient to patient. Some patients get a chance to return to their homes the same day after surgery, whereas others may need to stay overnight or probably more than that. When the surgery is done, doctors recommend walking and getting up from the bed with the help of crutches. More quickly you are out of the bed, better it would be for you to recover. In the next 6 weeks, you will see yourself walking but with the help of crutches. As far as driving is concerned, you can resume that after 4 to 6 weeks. In case you wonder when to re-join office, then you will be able to do so after 2 weeks at least for desk based job. In case your job require some physical activity or some exertion, then it may take more than 2 weeks. For athletes, the required rest is for 6 months to 1 year. For some people, this time would be 9 months. As earlier said, it all depends upon the physical strength of the person and also on the recovery period one takes. Some people recover quickly, whereas others may take slightly long. How long you should take Pain Killers? An experience of taking pain killers also vary from one patient to other. Some takes pain killers for long whereas some may only take for initial few days. In the starting days after surgery in Singapore, strong painkillers are recommended by the surgeon, which should be taken by everyone. Normally dose for one week is advised by the doctor. But after that, one should restrict the use of painkiller and give some time to knee for natural recovery. What to expect after Surgery? Some common risks after ACL tear includes: Infection on the site of surgery. However, if you take antibiotics which is recommended by the doctor, then infection might not attack you. There might be mild swelling, redness or even stiffness on the knee or any side around knee. It could be due to surgery and will fade away on its own. However, it the situation persists, then its better to see the doctor. Before planning for ACL tear surgery, make sure you get all the relevant information about the procedure.

Get Trigger Finger Treatment Done – Surgical or Non-Surgical Treatments?

Trigger finger is a medical condition wherein your finger locks when you try to bend or straighten it. Although the condition occurs in thumb or ring finger mainly, yet it is likely to affect any of your fingers. Mostly the trigger finger occurs owing to the pulley’s inflammation. Medicine has advanced to such extent for all to undergo several nonsurgical treatments (if not severe) in Singapore nowadays. This is really a fruitful news…. isn’t it? What Is the Treatment’s Goal? Specific home remedies may work better to treat your trigger finger. The trigger finger treatment aims at reducing sheath and tendon’s inflammation to let unimpeded tendon’s free movement. Which Option Is Better for Trigger Finger – Surgical or Non-Surgical Treatments? Actually, the best treatment lays depends on your finger’s critical condition doctor will prescribe useful exercises or medications. And the last step if required, would be surgery. More information on trigger finger diagnosis and treatments can be found here. What Is the First Step Prescribed By Your Orthopedic Specialist? If your trigger finger is in the initial stage your doctor is likely to prescribe few easy things to do: Rest Your Finger Avoid doing activities that aggravate the injury Limit doing activities that might trigger more pain How Do Exercises Work for Trigger Finger? Exercises work well to treat your condition. There are some easy exercises you can carry out everywhere. Things you will require to perform the exercises include the following: Elastic Band Different Small Objects (Pens, Coins & Bottle Tops) Just spend (10-15) minutes every day to carry out the exercises. After a day or two you can raise the time once you get strength. You can also raise number of sets as well as repetitions. But keep in mind not to forcefully impose the exercises as it can increase the pain. What Are the Exercises You Can Do? Doing these easy exercises will help to treat your trigger finger: Finger Extensor Stretch Finger Spread Palm Presses Finger Abduction ‘O’ Exercise Object Pickups Finger Stretches Tendon Gliding Towel or Paper Grasp Hand & Finger Openers What Are the Non-Surgical Treatments? Apart from the exercises there are some other non-surgical treatments to treat trigger finger. Have a look at them: Taking OTC Medicines Applying Ice Splinting Getting Steroid Injections Does Surgery Help? Even after trying all the non-surgical treatments your problem continues to persist then your Doctor will have no other option but to suggest surgery. Mind you…. Doctors in this scenario also suggest surgery if your fingers bents out if its position or caught permanently. There are usually two approaches taken by doctors. Firstly, they just make a minor incision to release your pulley for smooth movement. Secondly, they push needle into your affected part and release pulley. It reduces the symptoms and pains to a large extent rather than taking steroid injections for a ‘quick fix’.

Rotator Cuff Injury Treatment – Does It Help?

For athletes as well as sports fans, rotator cuff injury is not at all a new term. To call it in simple terms, they are shoulder injuries, and can limit your movements, hurt you and take good amount of time to recover. It can lead to acute pain in your shoulder that often deteriorates while you try sleeping on the area involved. There are lots of remedies you can try out to treat your shoulder problem and move smoothly. So how should you go about it…. We’ll have a look. However, if you are experiencing sharp and relentless pain, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. You can read more about how orthopedic specialists can help you here. Are There Any Symptoms You Face in Rotator Cuff Injury? Rotator cuff is one of the common shoulder injuries seen specifically among active and old people. The condition can be asymptomatic or symptomatic. However, you can face the following symptoms in some instances: Feel Weakness in The Area Injured Feel Problem to Raise Your Arm Hear Popping or Clicking While Moving Your arm Not capable To Lift Your Things as Normal Hurt While Moving Your Arm If You Lie on It or Other Ways If you ignore the signs, then you are likely to face serious pain over the time. So, see a Doctor immediately and get accurate solution for the problem. What are the Common Rotator Cuff Injuries? Common rotator cuff injuries you are likely to face are: Impingement It occurs when your muscle swells & restricts the space amid your shoulder bones and arm resulting in pinching. Common causes are: Overuse Injuries Bone spurs Muscle Strain Tear Lesser you will see this rotator cuff injury. And it occurs when your muscle tears up. How Do Doctors Diagnose Rotator Cuff Injuries? Your Doctor begins examining your shoulder and throws limelight into the past incidents resulting to the problem. And then they turn towards one of the following advanced technologies to diagnose the problem instantly: X-Rays Ultrasound MRI While the tests are on your Doctor checks your muscle strength and motion range. Additionally he/she checks on the movements to hurt your shoulder specifically. How Can You Treat Rotator Cuff Injury? Rotator cuff treatment lies on the criticality of the stage you are in. Obviously, your doctor would try to cure the problem following some sorts of exercises. However, you need to follow the RICE technique prior to that. R – Rest I – Ice C – Compression E – Elevation Following the aforesaid technique, you can feel much controlled swelling and pain. And once the swelling is reduced you can carry out the regular exercises: Doorway Stretch Reverse Fly Pull Lawn Mower High to Low Rows External side-Lying Rotation Other than this there is rehabilitation therapy. If the problem turns higher then your Doctor has the only option left i.e. surgical procedure.   Are There Any Complications? Surgical treatment proves more effective in the long term than non-operative treatment for rotator cuff injury. Doctors are expert professionals to guide and plan your workout routine to help you balance your shoulder muscle. Seek guidance from your expert doctor and lead a healthy life!

Want to Look 10 Years Younger? Rejuran Treatment Can Do That

From the Arctic to the Antarctic and Fareast to the West, women across the world strive to look younger. And for that, they are generally prescribed many things from attire to nail color to hair care and all sorts of cosmetics. But everything goes in vain if you don’t take care of your skin, because only a bright, glowing skin can give you the much-desired youthful look. Aesthetic treatment of the skin is essential to have a bespoke beauty. Although there are many treatment procedures, Rejuran treatment, the latest of all, has taken the Singaporeans by storm. What it achieves The great advantage of Rejuran treatments is that it improves the skin inside out through a biological process. As it replenishes the needs of the inner skin layers, it reverses the signs of damages on the upper skin. Thus, your skin glows with the aura of the youth. Does it hurt? As a numbing cream is applied before administering the Rejuran treatment, you experience no pain during the process. Some also take a painkiller one hour before the treatment as additional protection. It causes only mild pinpoint bleeding that stops immediately, and the swelling also subsides within a day or two. What is the downtime? Rejuran treatment has minimal downtime. As a small needle is used, there is no serious damage. The little bumps on the skin disappear within a day and the needle pricks fade out with 3 to 4 days. Wearing a large sunglass makes these barely noticeable. What is Rejuran treatment? It is a non-invasive skincare treatment that has a very good surge of late. Salmon DNA very closely resembles human DNA making it compatible with the human system. For this reason, micro-droplets of Salmon DNA are injected under the skin through tiny a needle for healing the wounds and regenerating the skin. It is also approved by the Singapore Health Science Authority (HSA). Who are suitable for this? Anyone who wants to prevent aging and have radiant skin can undergo this treatment. Both men and women start showing the first sign of skin aging from their mid-twenties. They can take this to retard the aging process. How does it help the skin? Our skin is just like a mattress. As you grow older, your skin also ages and the effect goes deep into the inner layers. When these layers are damaged, they cannot provide support to the outer layer of the skin and it starts sink forming wrinkles, lines, scratches, and other skin imperfections. PNs (Polynucleotides) from Salmon DNA is injected into the skin. It activates the skin cells that are responsible for collagen production.  It helps to improve the thickness and density of the skin layers. Thus, they become more elastic and remove the sagging effect. It also repairs the damaged skin cells. With its anti-inflammatory property, PN helps to remove scars on your faces. These entail an overall development in the skin quality, and you are blessed with a youthful appearance.

Do You Know What Rejuran Treatment Is?

People have always been image conscious. As our skin, especially facial skin, greatly influence how we look, people are indulging in various skin treatments and therapies. Rejuran treatment, or Rejuran healing treatment, or simple Rejuran is a recent skin rejuvenating treatment and this beauty craze has hit Singapore in recent years. Read more about it here: https://www.priveaesthetics.com/prive-treatments/faceworks/dry-dehydrated-skin/rejuran-facetherapy/ What is it? This is an anti-aging treatment that focuses on repairing the damaged skin and covering up the aging effect as well. This non-invasive treatment does not use hyaluronic acid like the traditional skin boosters but polynucleotides instead. As it is a DNA oriented treatment, it is perfect for skin rejuvenation. How does it work? Rejuran treatment uses DNA obtained from Salmon because these polynucleotides are biologically similar to the polynucleotides of human DNA. It works in multiple ways that include Helping skin cell DNA synthesis for regenerating new skin cells. Preventing skin inflammations and enhances the removal of free radicals to retard the aging process. Stimulating the growth factors like collagen for skin rejuvenation In simple terms, the treatment improves the elasticity, texture, and tone of the skin besides hydrating the dry skin. This also repairs and strengthens the damaged skin and makes the wrinkles less showy. How is it carried out? The Rejuran treatment process starts with a clinical evaluation of the skin. Cleaning of the skin is done first and a numbing cream is applied.  It is left to wait for 15 minutes or so to be effective. This makes the skin rejuvenation process more comfortable. Rejuran microdroplets are then injected underneath the dermis layer with the help of a tiny needle. Sometimes this is combined with laser treatment. The whole process takes about an hour. It may cause minor pinpoint bleeding that stops within a few seconds and the swelling fades out within a couple of days. The treatment is repeated from 3 to 4 times at an interval of 2 to 4 weeks for the best outcome. Does Rejuran treatment have any side effects? The principal ingredient of Rejuran Treatment is polynucleotide (PN) derived from salmon DNA that acts as an anti-inflammatory and regenerative agent. Several clinical trials indicate that it is compatible with human systems. Moreover, Salmon DNA derivatives used, in the treatment, are modified to be protein-free and, as such, there is hardly any chance to attack the immune system. Studies conducted so far yielded encouraging results without any serious side effects except the sensation of mild pain and bruising. Who can have this? Aging is inevitable. Anyone who wants to retard the process and mask the signs of aging can undergo Rejuran Treatment. This suits people of age 30+ suffering from various skin problems like stretch marks, wrinkles, hydration issues. Can it be done with other aesthetic treatments? Usually, Rejuran treatment is done along with other complementary aesthetic treatments for better results. But everything depends on your needs. One should inform the doctor or treatment provider of any pre-existing medical condition and all aesthetic & non-aesthetic treatments and procedures before starting the treatment.

Insights on Rejuran Treatment: The Anti-aging Cocktail

We cannot stop growing old. It is impossible; but it should not be at the cost of healthy, glowing skin. Skin rejuvenation is something that we all want. Among all the processes of skin rejuvenation, Rejuran treatment has become a craze of late. Almost every other beauty clinic in Singapore is recommending it to beauty seekers. But why it is so popular? The answer lies in the fact that it works. Here are some insights on the treatment. Let’s have a look! How does it work? Let us be a bit technical to understand this. The primary tasks of Rejuran treatment are wound healing and deliver the anti-inflammatory effect. Unlike the other skin boosters that use hyaluronic acid, Rejuran treatment uses polynucleotides (PN) extracted from Salmon DNA. This contains many nucleotides that are the building blocks of the DNA. Some Rejuran treatment regimens include PDRN (polydeoxyribonucletides) a subtype of the PN. PNs help to increase the metabolic activities of the fibroblasts and stimulate them to regenerate collagen, glycosaminoglycans, and glycoproteins. In simple terms these force the aged cells to act like younger cells. Our body breaks down the polynucleotides into purines and pyrimidines that recycled into DNA and help to produce anti-inflammatory effects. What are polynucleotides (PNs)? Polynucleotides are biopolymers containing a minimum of 13 nucleotide monomers that are bonded in a covalent chain. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA) are all Polynucleotides. The polynucleotides provide a great scaffolding effect due to their 3D polymeric structure. These are long-lasting and enhance skin hydration because of their high affinity to water. They also help regeneration of the dermis and epidermis layers of the skin. Salmon DNA has very close similarities with human DNA. Nucleotides obtained from Salmon are found to be most compatible with that of humans. Therefore, these are used in Rejuran treatments. How does PDRN help in Rejuran treatment? PDRN (polydeoxyribonucletides) helps skin generation in a great way. It stimulates the metabolic activities and ultimately forces the damage cells to start functioning again. Several studies conducted reveal that PDRN helps in healing the wounds with diabetes.  It also works well in removing scars revamping the damaged skin cells. Rejuran Treatments versus Skin Boosters Skin Booster is also a non-invasive treatment prevailing earlier than Rejuran treatment. It banks on deep hydration and yields fairly good results for dry skins. Hyaluronic acid is the main ingredient of Skin Boosters. In some formulations anti-oxidants, amino acids, and vitamins are also added. But Rejuran treatment uses PNs and PDRNs derived from Salmon. Rejuran treatment is a biological process. The PN & PDRN used in Rejuran treatment is bio-compatible, safe, and stable. Rejuran treatment repairs damaged skin, increase collagen level in the skin, and cause an anti-inflammatory effect from the deep inside. Whereas Skin Boosters primarily counts on deep skin hydration and increase collagen levels. Both are administered in the same way and have the same maintenance period. You can combine them to obtain glowing skin.

Tennis Elbow Injury and Treatments Available in Singapore

Singaporean Reliable Medical Care Singapore is known all over the world for their amazing advancements and practices of medical science. For years now they have cultivated their entire nation to live strong, healthy lives. They take pride in the fact that they have some of the best health services to offer, so much so that they now inviting visitors from all over the world to seek these medical services. This they have branded as ‘medical tourism’ and what appeals most to some of the visitors who might be a part of this medical tourism is that the services being offered in Singapore can prove to be far more cheaper than those being offered in their own domestic countries. This benefits both parties as the visitors can seek safe, reliable official medical care without paying an arm and a leg and the Singaporean government can profit off of increased tourism rates and praised additions to their international reputation. Over all, it is a great nation which has contributed greatly to medical science and practice and their advancements are only going up from here. You can count on their hospitals and specially trained doctors to diagnose your condition and also help you on your way to recovery by providing safe and effective methods and treatments to cure your ailment(s). It is incredible how they can root our even the most obscure maladies within the human body and it is even more admirable how despite having the expertise and knowledge of curing even the biggest medical threats, they can also cure everyday medical problems, efficiently. What Causes Tennis Elbow? The simplest of all conditions can occur to even the most cautious of people. Take ‘tennis elbows’. While this condition sounds like something a professional tennis player may suffer from, it can happen to anyone never having had to step into a court. This condition is caused by overusing the muscles located around the upper arm/elbow area and because of overuse, the tendons located within these muscles can be subjected to fraying and even tears. Because of chronic use, the muscles become sore and that is what causes pain which can even limit mobility within the affected region. Read more about Providence’s Treatments and Therapies for Tennis Elbow here. Treatments for Pain For this condition, there have been various cures and aids introduced, some more modern (such as surgery) than the others. One of these modern solutions to your everyday tennis elbow condition can be Cortisone Injections. One of the rasher methods of relief when it comes to joint pain. This treatment is for those who could not find relief from the other, more natural methods such as resting the sore muscle, physically therapeutic massages and others. This injection consists of cortisone which is a fast-acting steroid which can help alleviate pain by soothing the strained tendons with its active anti-inflammatory properties. Though this is a fast acting solution, many patients have claimed that while the relief is quick to occur, the effects only last for a short amount of time. When the effect of this steroid injection is over, the pain comes back, in some cases, worse than the start. So, while the cortisone injection is an effective way of aiding pain, it is short-lived and the after-effects can prove to be worse than the starting condition itself. There are other treatments available such as therapy or platelet-rich plasma injections so be sure to seek a professional opinion from a medical practitioner or doctor for a diagnosis of the stage of your tennis elbow condition first. Then, take time to consider all the options of treatment available to you before making a decision.  

Important Things You Must Do to Ensure a Smooth ACL Tear Surgery

ACL tear is a very painful condition that usually happens to people who engage in extreme physical activities or high impact sports like hockey, soccer, skiing, basketball, and football. According to the AAOS (American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons), ACL tears can occur without a serious impact on another player. Most times, the tear occurs when a player pivots suddenly during play.   If you have this condition, don’t feel alone, because thousands of people in Singapore and other parts of the world are suffering from it as well.   Depending on the severity of the tear, your doctor may recommend a reconstructive surgical procedure to repair the torn ACL. Below are some reasons why your doctor may recommend you having surgery to fix it.   If you are young If you experience chronic pain in the region If your knee buckles when you are carrying out normal physical activities like walking If you are a professional athlete who wants to remain active   Before the day of your surgery, there are some important things you should do and learn about to ensure that everything goes smoothly and hitch-free. Read on to find out more about Providence’s ACL tear surgery here.   Consider rearranging your living space   Give serious thoughts to how you are going to move around after your surgery. If your apartment is spacious, all you got to do is to figure out ways to make it even more comfortable. If, on the other hand, your apartment is cramp and tight, or you must go upstairs, or to the bathroom, you should ask your surgeon if it is ok for you to use the stairs days after your procedure. If he or she says no to the idea of climbing stairs, then you should plan for an alternative place to stay.   Don’t take NSAIDs medications   Stop taking any type of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The problem with these drugs is that they can thin the blood and increase the odds of a complication occurring. Below are some common NSAIDS drugs you should avoid.   Morphine Aleve (Naproxen) Advil (Ibuprofen)   Start exercising your ACL   Do you know that exercising your ACL before the day of your surgery can help cut down your recovery time? A lot of studies have shown that exercising before the day of your surgery is important and will go a long way to help ensure that your knee is strong enough for the operation. Below are two additional benefits of exercising.   To improve your range motion To strengthen the support muscles in your knee area.   See, you don’t have to engage in an intense workout just because you want to strengthen your muscles in the affected area. Try to be balanced and only engage in low-intensity movements. If you experience any severe pain while working out, stop immediately. Be sure to consult your doctor before engaging in any type of exercise.   Discuss various aspects of the surgery with your physician   Doing this, will give you a clear idea of how the procedure will be carried out, and ultimately help you to make an informed decision. During your session with your doctor, ask any question that bothers you, or anything that you want to learn more about. Your doctor will be more than happy to provide you with the answers you seek and ease your concerns before continuing any further with the medical procedure.    

9 Things You Should Do Before the Day of Your ACL Reconstruction Surgery in Singapore

Did you recently injure your anterior cruciate ligament? Did your doctor recommend you having a surgical procedure to repair your torn ligament? If you answered yes to both questions, this article is for you. Every day, a lot of people in Singapore get the news from their doctor that a surgical procedure is required to address their injuries. So, don’t feel alone. Your goal should be to do whatever is necessary to ensure that the surgical process is successful, and complications don’t arise later. In this article, we are going to be looking at some nine things you should do before the day of surgery for your ACL tear reconstruction. Ask questions See, bottling up the questions you have isn’t going to do you any good, and for good reasons. Finding answers to the questions lingering on your mind will go along way in helping you feel better and giving you a clear picture of what to expect after the procedure. Don’t limit yourself; ask questions about the risks, benefits, and limitations of the procedure. Follow your pre-operation instructions to the letter Complications are bound to arise during or after your ACL reconstruction surgery if you don’t follow the pre-op instructions given to you. Yes, some of the instructions may seem silly and irrelevant, but you must try your best to do them anyway. You may be given clear instructions on what to eat, drink, and wear, as well as, some things to avoid, ensure you do whatever it takes to follow them. If you are in doubt or have questions regarding any of the pre-op instructions you were given, then you should consult your doctor. Let your doctor know if you are ill Make sure you tell your doctor of any lingering health condition you may have before the day of your surgery. If you caught a cold or some sort of infection in the days leading to your surgery, the operation might be delayed until you are fully recovered. Try to relax Do things that calm you down and helps you relax. Whether it is reading a book or listening to a podcast, your goal should be to reduce your anxiety levels to be mentally and emotionally ready for the surgery. Wear comfortable clothes On the days leading to the surgery, purchase some comfortable baggy clothes you will wear after the procedure. Avoid tight-fitting clothing as they offer very little comfort. If possible, purchase sweatpants that can easily cover your bandages. Don’t do things alone Having a close friend with you on the day of your surgery will go a long way in helping you feel relaxed and confident. Your friend can help you run errands and get anything you forgot at home. More importantly, it is good to have friends or family be present before and after the surgery. They could also speak to the doctor, surgeon or nurses attached to you where needed. Plan for a transport vehicle This is one of the simple most important things you can do to make your recovery process go on without a hitch. With a car or private transport, it will be easy for friends and relatives to take you home after your surgery. Practice using crutches Since you are likely going to be using crutches for days, weeks, and even months after your surgery, it is wise that you start practicing with it. Ignore this, and you may stumble or fall when attempting to use them for the first time after your surgery. Contact your insurance provider Make sure you have a clear understanding of what will be covered and what won’t be. If you fail to do this, you are likely going to be slapped with unexpected medical bills after your surgery. It is important to also be financially prepared and have everything in order before the surgery. This also helps post-surgery as there will be fewer things to handle during your recovery.

What Makes a Mattress Entitled to Wear its Bespoke Label?

Getting a quality sleep during nighttime is possibly one of the most important things to maintain physical and mental health, be it for children or adults. At some point in our lives, we most probably have experienced pain such as backache thinking it was due to work but honestly, it’s just our bed acting out. Believe it or not, what comforts a tailored dress or bespoke shoes can provide to its wearers, it is the same with mattresses to our bodies. It is best for a mattress to be customized to obtain nicest fit with our physical and psychological needs. These custom made mattresses are made with various things being considered into. They are made of many aspects which are: Bed Foundation It is vital to have the base from some breathable materials especially for those who always wake up during the night with hair sticking onto their foreheads. Because of that, some customized mattresses have an adjustable sprung slatted bed bases. It operates with a sprung slatted base which means it’s supported by slats, rather than single flat surface. Not only is the slats base breathable, but it also works as a springy base that keeps the mattress straight without sagging. This offers extra comfort to people using it. You can even customize the springiness to suit your mood. Firmness A customizable mattress can come with customizable firmness on each side of it to satisfy both parties. There are three available densities which are soft, medium and firm that you can choose according to your preference. The wrong level of firmness can possibly lead to wrongly aligned spinal which then will cause you a great deal of misery and pain in the long run. It can also come with multi-zonal back support and mono-zone support. This kind of customizable mattress uses a special 7-zone back technique that provides support for most parts of your body. This means the level of firmness differs in different areas of your body such as shoulders and hips. There are areas provided with extra support and extra softness, depending on the needs. Type of Latex Choosing the right latex for your mattress is as important as other aspects such as personal preferences that will ascertain your sleeping system. If we choose springy mattresses for its bounciness, as years go by, we should know that it will be worn out. The solution to this problem is by choosing natural latex as it can last up to 15 to 20 years. Other than its elasticity, it is also organic due to zero usage of pesticide. Natural latex is a popular choice due to its many benefits both short and long term. Size The making of customizable mattress also considers your preferred size of a mattress. Certain people desire for their mattresses to be a certain size to fit their favorite bed frames. Therefore, the custom way becomes the best choice for them. After all, we often say that money neither can buy health nor happiness, but when money can prevent future pains and aches that might be caused by bad sleeping postures, habits and medical conditions, really there is no reason to hesitate investing in an affordable customized mattress made just for you and only you

Odd-sized Mattresses? Choose the Custom Way

We cannot deny that on some occasions and for some reasons, we are forced to choose the less traveled road. It is the same with mattresses.   Be it our weight or our height, our health concerns or our unique preferences, our room or bedding that requires dedicated sizing, even our pet that owes its special bedding. Eventually, we must admit that we cannot stick to what is considered normal. But really, no worries. The world of mattresses understands it well. Thus, it offers similar breadth of specialty, catering for every idiosyncrasy that humans may have. A mattress provider that prides itself in customization is Sofzsleep customizable mattresses.   Bedroom sizes In some instances, ordinary size mattresses cannot be brought into a bedroom because of inadequate height or width of the door-frames or the size of the bedroom itself. It is common for young couples in space-constraint Singapore, an island with area less than 1000 square kilometres, to start building their lives together in a tiny apartment. Where money is not a big concern – with GDP per capita of Singapore, the country is known to be among the wealthiest in the world – it is best to think of this situation positively, because in the end it gives opportunity for young couples to rethink strategy of designing their home interior including their decision to choose size of bedding.   Mattress sizes Besides, having a dynamic economy like Singapore, expatriates came in droves to make their living in the island and in some instances they bring along their bedding of different sizes. We might think that the king-size is universal all over the world, but this is far from the fact. In Europe, the king size mattress is wider by 10 centimetres compared to Singapore size. Hence, the final choice is to buy custom-made, or else, the favourite bedding of the family would have to bury in the attic or be passed to others as preloved.   Differently shaped mattresses If we have at home or on board of a yacht, a rounded or oval bed, it is perfect for customized mattress. After several years, the mattress that comes with the bedding itself must have worn out and need replacement. Thankfully, there are mattress suppliers which take for odd-shaped mattresses. Just come in with the measurement and determine your materials and let them do the rest.   Mattresses for pets Additionally, consider also the unique-sized bedding for our dearest pets. The dog or the cat deserves just as much care as one of our family members. We owe them big for the warmth, loyalty, and companionship they have shown for many years. For that small space where they can hide their furry heads and have a tight sleep, customized mattress can be the best of gifts to celebrate their existence in our lives. If we are lucky enough, when we buy custom-made mattress from a supplier, they may offer a free custom-made mattress for our pets, too. Of course, this kind of offer is amazing and hard to resist!   So, who dare to say that a road less traveled would be less interesting? Buying mattresses, the custom way can be more exciting and adventurous than choosing the ordinary.  

3 Reliable Customized Mattress Makers in Singapore

At a juncture, we would think why people make so much fuss about buying their mattresses by order or custom-made. Buyers love to choose customized mattresses due to multiple reasons. Sometimes, it is their extra heights or lifestyle. At other instances, they have no other choice but to do so due to health concern or space constraint. No matter the reasons, if you are one of those buyers who want your mattress custom-made in Singapore, you can begin with these three reliable mattress suppliers or makers.   European Bedding European Bedding claims that they can simply provide what their customers want, no matter by which size or shape. Bigger than king, smaller than single, combination of double, oval or round, they can work it out somehow with their expertise. Not only they allow for customization of the size, the customers can also determine the level of firmness they prefer and the materials they like. Some customers are couples who need different firmness for their sides of the mattress, so European Bedding is all familiar with this sort of customization and can arrange it according to customers’ satisfaction.   Other than home mattresses, European Bedding also supplies marine mattresses. Marine mattresses are custom-made to be used on yachts. European Bedding specialises in latex mattresses that can stand the dampness at sea. The popular range among customers is their Heveya Natural Organic Latex Mattress. Besides its suitability with high humidity, Latex mattress is also known to be resistant to mould and pest. European Bedding is well-known for latex pillows as well, to complement its high-quality mattress.   Bay Soft Founded in 2012, Bay Soft has been providing their service as custom-made mattress maker or supplier other than selling standard size mattresses. Bay Soft has experience in making mattresses longer than 2 metres, mattresses for small space with custom width and length, mattresses with special thickness that still conform to standard of quality, mattresses for sofa-bed and mattresses for bay windows. They also accept order for odd-shaped mattresses for baby cots, special-shaped bay windows and yacht. Similar to European Bedding, they provide the best latex mattress for their customers’ yachts to avoid defects that can be caused by high level of humidity at sea.   Sofzsleep With its enchanting marketing line “If you can dream it, we can make it”, Sofzsleep provides customization service of latex mattresses. They can make to order mattresses of any size or shape and encourage customers to try out their ready-made mattresses in the showroom just to ensure their preferences. After getting comfortable with certain ready-made models, then they may proceed to order a customized mattress with Sofzsleep. With custom-made mattresses, just as the way we tailor-made our dresses, certain waiting time is expected but it is still reasonable. Sofzsleep also allows customer to custom order their mattress online.   By having at least three options to custom order your mattress, you can already make good comparison of price ranges and weigh each supplier’s specialties. Then of course, if you can imagine it in your head, you can custom order it.


A jazz band (jazz ensemble or jazz combo) is a musical ensemble that plays jazz music. Jazz bands vary in the quantity of its members and the style of jazz that they play, but it is common to find a jazz band made up of a rhythm section and a horn section. The size of a jazz band is closely related to the style of jazz they play as well as the type of venues in which they play. Smaller jazz bands, also known as combos, are common in night clubs and other small venues and will be made up of three to seven musicians; whereas big bands are found in dance halls and other larger venues. Jazz bands can vary in size from a big band to a smaller trio or quartet. The term jazz trio can refer to a three piece band with a pianist, double bass player, and a drummer. Some bands use vocalists, while others are purely instrumental groups. Jazz bands usually have a bandleader. In a big band setting, there is usually more than one player for a type of instrument. Jazz bands and their composition have changed many times throughout the years just as the music itself changes with each performer’s interpretation and improvisation which is one of the greatest appeals of going to see a jazz band. A good example of such band is soundgrove music which you can contact them here A top-class jazz or swing band can provide instrumental background music or get any party started with a sensational big-band sound. Late last year, organizers of the Singapore International Jazz Festival (Sing Jazz) said they hoped this festival would build “an ecosystem for jazz music and jazz-inspired music in Singapore.” “There are more people playing jazz than ever before,” said jazz pianist Wei Xiang. “The diversity of music has increased tremendously. There are a lot of people actively composing their music, as opposed to before, when (the scene) was filled with the meat-and-potatoes type of cover bands.” For Tham, a jazz singer who has been performing in Singapore and overseas for a decade, it’s not just about the number of musicians, but also the number of platforms for these artistes. “There are a lot of musicians here, but they don’t get enough exposure. There aren’t that many jazz venues here, so people don’t know about them,” she explained. “It’s a good thing that there are festivals such as Sing Jazz – and the jazz academy – which can highlight jazz talent in Singapore,” she added. “Because even though schools have music programs; they teach mostly music that’s popular, like what’s on the radio – and the students are not so exposed to other forms of music.” However, the path of music never does run smooth. Firstly, there’s the inevitable parental objection. You also have to perform at places you sometime would rather not. “There is a lot of hard work that goes into (having a music career),” she added. “Young people watch those TV shows, and they think that if they just take part in contests, they can get results instantly. It doesn’t work like that. You have to do a lot of work. “Sometimes, you have to take these caris makan gigs, because that pays the bills. It’s Singapore, right? And we still have to eat. But doing those gigs are just a means for you do the gigs that you want to do.” It cannot be denied that exploring Singapore at night is extremely interesting. Whether you want to chill out at a cozy bar or sing along with a band, there is a wealth of entertainment waiting for you after the sun goes down.  


Jazz performance requires fine tuning of the intellect intertwined with physical coordination on the highest level. The intellect has to have stored an incredible amount of technical and mathematical-like data to reproduce this information upon demand in the spontaneous jazz setting. Improvisation is a strange sort of art form. It involves knowing your instrument well, knowing the song you are playing inside and out – and knowing a whole lot about the options that this song, its style, tempo, culture, tradition, etc. give you in improvising a solo. “Talent” is taking all of the above and moving it from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind. Working musicians can and do get lazy. It’s really easy to fall into the trap of playing the same basic solo over and over – the same licks over the same chord progressions. Your subconscious does all of the work, and you spend your time watching the crowd, wondering how long the set will last, what you’re doing after the show. In short, it’s easy to make it a “job” – like any other job out there. Risks come from consciously taking control and trying new ideas, new combinations of old ideas and pushing this song; it’s style, it’s traditions a little further than is normally done. Go too far, and you risk losing your audience – or worse, yourself. (There’s nothing worse than digging a hole you can’t climb out of!) If you’re good at taking risks with your playing – you become known as an “exciting” player. If you go too far, your Avant garde ideas fall on deaf ears, and people quickly develop opinions about you and your playing – none of them too flattering. If you don’t take risks, you either become boring or a top 40 artist whose fans hate it when the “live” version of your hit doesn’t sound exactly like the studio recording. Risks in jazz improvement can be taken at many levels – changing the standard chords, changing the “normal” scales that are played on top of those chords, changing the tempo making the song dramatically faster or slower, changing the style… there hundreds of choices that can increase risk. Usually, when a fan notices an improviser “taking risks,” he hears notes that don’t quite a sound right to his ear. They are not necessarily “wrong” notes – but they certainly don’t sound like what we expect to hear. Often, one fan will hear what he thinks are risky ideas while another (more familiar with the ideas) hears the “same old thing.” Knowing your audience, knowing what’s been done before with a particular song or style, are basics for creating more risk in playing jazz. Improvisation also demands immediate problem-solving abilities to delineate the proper responses to both the musical challenges inherent in the music itself as well as the reactions necessary for handling the possibilities and consequences of group interaction. It goes without saying that manual dexterity, the range of which depends upon the specific instrument, is taken for granted. In common with some team sports, combining mind and body into a smooth and unified flow is an ongoing process and challenge for the improviser. There is also the matter of simultaneously expressing thought and feeling. In a musical gesture, how much is a mental cognition versus raw feeling? Does the improvising artist know exactly what he is doing every moment of the way? Does it matter? In the final analysis, of course, it is the listener’s reaction that is paramount, but these questions do permeate an improviser’s world. The quest for an individual and recognizable sound or style emphasizes the concept of total freedom. What an audience is truly witnessing beyond hearing the music is the result of an individual’s ultimate expression of free will. The rendering of man’s primordial need and legitimate right for self-expression is potent and symbolic to all those who hear the music. The inherent “cry” of human passion in jazz as in all great art cannot be denied. You can find more information on sound grove’s jazz band on their website On another level as compared to other forms of music, classical, the world, pop, jazz is an inclusive music borrowing from all sources, both the musical and real world to inspire ideas. Jazz musicians are by and large among the most welcoming of artists to gaining inspiration from other sources. Jazz music conveys a positive energy that serves as a beacon of light for all to feel and recognize. Here is more information about jazz bands on wikipedia.

Vegan Festival 2005

13th June Our keynote speaker Joan Dunayer will be speaking at 2pm and answering questions after. After her spot she will be signing her books at the Magpie House stall. Click to go to her radio interview. Scroll down the page and find two audio links to Joan. Today Mary did a live radio interview to Midlands Radio 3 in Eire (audience of 50,000 people). And on Sunday did an interview on BBC Local Community Radio (audience of 40,000 people). ALL STALLS ARE NOW FULL 12th June Video We now have someone to video the festival and cut and edit into a small package. It will go up on this site shortly after the festival. We also have someone doing a radio interview which will air on BBC Community Radio and Animal Voices (Canada) internet radio. Large international audience. Media We have been getting plenty of local media coverage of the festival. They have especially been interested in Pat Reeves because of the local angle, and Mary because of her books. Also look out for vegan recipes in several papers. Press releases The above is a link to the two press releases we have put out. Merchandise Our new funky magnetic ribbons have arrived from the USA. See the merchandise page 7th June Although Ethical Wares are unable to make the Festival they are now able to sell their excellent shoes through the One Earth Shop stall. If you are looking for a pair of vegan ethically made shoes – stylish or walking, boots or trainers, make sure you get to the festival. Check out their website and see the range of shoes, ethical clothes, and accessories they sell at very reasonable prices. www.ethicalwares.com We have just purchased two pairs of boots from them and they are excellent. To see the boots go to http://www.ethicalwares.com/geos.htm 20th May Two new books will be launched at the festival. Click here to see the front cover and information of how you can order them now. The authors of Compassionate Children will be at the festival to sign their book. NEW MERCHANDISE See our new merchadise page. Lots of new products. *NEW Mother and son to walk from Manchester to the Festival to raise awareness of veganism. Click for the full story and how you can help them. 8 March The Perfumers Guild parfumjohn@aol.com Tel: 01923 260502 Vegan perfumes and aftershave, plus fragrances for the home. He will make a scent to your specification. The prize is a special scroll and you can order the prize scent to your own preference. 1st February The UK Vegan Society have just become the main sponsors of the festival. We are pleased to confirm that Joan Dunayer, author of ‘speciesism’ and ‘Animal Equality’ has just agreed to come over from America and will be our key note speaker. She will be talking about her new book, and answering any questions. The arrangements for our next festival are well under way. As you will know by now it is called “The Heart of England Vegan Festival”. It is to be held at the Carling Academy at Dale End in Birmingham on June 18th. We would like to thank the Academy management who have been a great help to us so far. We have been able to improve on the catering facilties we had this year and so far we are able to offer at least 4 different caterers. We will also have other stalls selling a range of cold vegan options and other stalls selling a wide range of vegan cakes. Just the cakes on their own make the festival worth visiting. The venue is also much bigger than the one we had for the NW Festival and we can put up between 60-80 stalls. Having said which, book early to avoid disappointment, spaces are going fast. We have booked out over 40 stalls so if you want a space you need to book quickly.