3 Reliable Customized Mattress Makers in Singapore

At a juncture, we would think why people make so much fuss about buying their mattresses by order or custom-made. Buyers love to choose customized mattresses due to multiple reasons. Sometimes, it is their extra heights or lifestyle. At other instances, they have no other choice but to do so due to health concern or space constraint. No matter the reasons, if you are one of those buyers who want your mattress custom-made in Singapore, you can begin with these three reliable mattress suppliers or makers.


European Bedding

European Bedding claims that they can simply provide what their customers want, no matter by which size or shape. Bigger than king, smaller than single, combination of double, oval or round, they can work it out somehow with their expertise. Not only they allow for customization of the size, the customers can also determine the level of firmness they prefer and the materials they like. Some customers are couples who need different firmness for their sides of the mattress, so European Bedding is all familiar with this sort of customization and can arrange it according to customers’ satisfaction.


Other than home mattresses, European Bedding also supplies marine mattresses. Marine mattresses are custom-made to be used on yachts. European Bedding specialises in latex mattresses that can stand the dampness at sea. The popular range among customers is their Heveya Natural Organic Latex Mattress. Besides its suitability with high humidity, Latex mattress is also known to be resistant to mould and pest. European Bedding is well-known for latex pillows as well, to complement its high-quality mattress.


Bay Soft

Founded in 2012, Bay Soft has been providing their service as custom-made mattress maker or supplier other than selling standard size mattresses. Bay Soft has experience in making mattresses longer than 2 metres, mattresses for small space with custom width and length, mattresses with special thickness that still conform to standard of quality, mattresses for sofa-bed and mattresses for bay windows. They also accept order for odd-shaped mattresses for baby cots, special-shaped bay windows and yacht. Similar to European Bedding, they provide the best latex mattress for their customers’ yachts to avoid defects that can be caused by high level of humidity at sea.



With its enchanting marketing line “If you can dream it, we can make it”, Sofzsleep provides customization service of latex mattresses. They can make to order mattresses of any size or shape and encourage customers to try out their ready-made mattresses in the showroom just to ensure their preferences. After getting comfortable with certain ready-made models, then they may proceed to order a customized mattress with Sofzsleep. With custom-made mattresses, just as the way we tailor-made our dresses, certain waiting time is expected but it is still reasonable. Sofzsleep also allows customer to custom order their mattress online.


By having at least three options to custom order your mattress, you can already make good comparison of price ranges and weigh each supplier’s specialties. Then of course, if you can imagine it in your head, you can custom order it.