You Should Know These Facts about Termites

You do not get a pleasant feeling even when you hear someone discussing termites. The existence of termites can be a big nightmare for any homeowner. The reason for this is termites cause damages to a home in terms of billions of dollars every year. It can be a costly affair to get rid of or prevent the entry of termites into your homes as they are usually not covered under any insurance policy. Termites can be really scary since they attack and destroy the integrity of a house without the homeowner suspecting about it.

Following are some of the facts associated with termites so that you know what to expect for protecting your homes.

The existence of termites dates back to over one hundred and fifty million years. Many claim that they are ancestors of the cockroaches.

Scientists claim that after studying the facts of last three hundred million years, they have arrived at a conclusion that both termite and cockroach share a common ancestor. Some scientists even found out one hundred million-year-old termite that was preserved in Amber. Such evidence has benefited these scientists as they were able to understand the developmental stages of termites and how they altered over time.

Not all termites are detrimental to the environment

When people hear of termites, there is a common assumption that all of them destroy homes and eat wood. However, that may not be the case always. There are some termites that function as decomposers by breaking down plant fibers. Such functionality is crucial in forests where termites decompose fallen trees, which are decaying. It also enables growth of new trees and is thus a vital part of a forest life-cycle. Some termites can also build tunnels under the soil. The activity can make the soil more fertile and improve the growth of new plants there. Unfortunately, the food source of termites is same as the material you use to build your houses.

Termites can easily digest cellulose since there are micro organisms inside their stomachs

There are microorganisms and bacteria inside their stomachs, which help to decompose as well as easily digest cellulose from any food they consume. These micro organisms and bacteria reside in the termites,

Termite queens and kings are able to fly

There is a popular myth that all termites can fly and have wings. While it is true for some termites, a majority of termites are incapable of flying. Only those termites that can reproduce have wings and can fly. These termites leave their nests in search of mates. If you have heard of swarming season, you know how the term originated from. When the mating season arrives, all these termites with wings will flock into swarms to look out for their mates. The moment they get their mates, their wings will fall off and start reproducing. Thus a new colony is born.

Knowing these interesting facts about termites evil help you to understand what you should actually be searching for. There are many termites that are so tiny in size that several homeowners do not even realize that there is a termite problem in their homes until the magnitude of the problem becomes huge. Termites will start their destruction process by first trying to decay wood.

Thus in case, the siding of a house is in good condition, the homeowner can take a deep sigh of relief. However, termites can first start with different sources of food. It is important to look closely for symptoms of termites as quickly as possible so that their entry can be prevented. If you suspect that termites have entered your home do not waste time and get in touch with a professional termite control company as early as possible.

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