What Will Happen If A Termite Infestation Is Not Properly Controlled?

The amount of damage that these tiny insects can cause is very alarming. These insects that are less than a centimeter in length can consume almost 15 pounds of wood in a week. This is due to the fact that they never work alone and are always found in large colonies. Other than humans these are one of the only insects that are known to use their brains to plan and strategize their next move. It is important that you keep an eye out for any signs of termite damage and also get the house checked regularly by professionals as termites are by nature known for their hiding skills and damage the home from inside out. Hence professionals usually advise you to carry out termite control at the first sign of termite damage. There are many different ways to identify termite damage and it is easy to recognize them if you read informative articles as well as see pictures of the damage that termites can do. Here are some of the most common negative effects to the house if you do not properly control the infestation.

Any part of the property that is made of wood can be damaged by termites. The staple food of the termites is wood or cellulose, these pests can usually be found snacking on your walls in hiding. Apart from that they also build their nests under the house or in a more moist part of the wood while making tunnels through the other walls so as to gain access to more food. This can cause weakening of the structure of the house that can cause the house to crumble putting all of the residents in the house at risk. The longer the infestation remains in your home the more danger you keep yourself in and also increase the cost of repairs for the house.

The termites are not always satisfied with just the wood from the house. They will go after any object in the house that is made of cellulose, for example, clothes, carpets, and even paper. They can just keep consuming everything made of cellulose in your home till you take the steps required to stop them. This can be due to the fact that they live in huge colonies. Studies have shown that there are more termites in the world than humans and that the termites can actually outweigh the humans irrespective of they being tiny in size.

Termites can also cause health problems in humans as they can generate sick building syndrome (SBS). Termites control is needed because they carry with them fungi that can various symptoms in a person that is in the vicinity of those fungi. The symptoms can include frequently occurring headaches, skin rashes, or chronic asthma. So if you ever suffer from these symptoms and dont really know the reason for them it is a good idea to check the walls of your homes you have these uninvited guests.

Professionals are very well trained to identify the areas in which these infestations can occur and also get rid of them in the safest way. Along with that, they will also give you valuable information that can help you avoid future major damage that these pests can cause if left unchecked in your home. Although there are a few companies that sell pesticides in the market claiming that they can help you with your termite problem they usually just kill the termites but do not destroy the eggs which can cause a further infestation. By choosing a good termite control service you can get rid of the problem from the core.

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