Top 8 ERP software for large enterprises

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Listed here are the eight best software large enterprises.
1. SAP ERP Core Finance: SAP is a global leader in ERP solutions. It is not surprising that the list is filled with SAP products.
ERP Core Finance is ideal for large enterprises and is integrated with S/4HANA. Multiple verticals of an industry are addressed through SAPĀ ERP including distribution, retail, manufacturing, and service. Services offered are project cost accounting, general ledger keeping, budget management, journal entries and other functions.
2. SAP S/4HANA: A specialized enterprise resource planning software offered by SAP is S/4HANA. Either solution is deployed on-site or through the cloud. It is next generation integrated ERP software designed to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes. While it supports third-party systems, it is efficient to process IoT related services.
3. Harmony PSA: A professional service automation powered by cloud-based management services, Harmony PSA offers solutions for businesses of all sizes. It offers two types of solution deployment: on-site or through the cloud. Services offered by Harmony PSA are charged on a monthly basis and mobile support is offered through email, telephone, and other online facilities. It makes it to the top 8 lists because Harmony PSA accepts different currencies and enables trading through multiple brands.
4. Deltek Vision: Hands down, this ERP software is a favorite for engineering and architectural firms. Apart from combining tools for accounting and project management, Deltek Vision offers real-time tracking. The system is completely web-based and integrates with Microsoft Office.
5. Visco: An ERP solution designed specifically for wine, plastic, seafood and plastic, this service integrates into the management of warehouse, goods procurement, and inventory management.
6. NetSuite: Initially designed for accounting purpose, NetSuite is now a specialized ERP with BI, CRM, and HR functionality.
7. Poly PM: From Polygon Software, Poly PM serves as both PLM (product lifecycle management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) for apparel
manufacturers. Integration into the client software is done through Microsoft SQL database. As a result, the solution can be scaled to accommodate 100s of users while ensuring the integrity of data.
8. Sage Intacct: A cloud-based solution for accounting which is highly recommended for banks, real estate, professional services and related industry
is Sage Intacct. Apart from expert accounting services, it offers customer relationship management and Business Intelligence services. Such integration
is possible because of an open API structure.

The future of ERP in retail is big data analytics integration.