Life without tissues

Even though it is unimaginable now, there was a time when tissues weren’t discovered. There are many things which can be
done by using a tissue cleaning, wiping spilling, wiping utensils dry after washing, for bathroom hygiene etc.

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It is said that the Romans employed an L-shaped stick which was made of wood or other precious metals. Sponges mounted on sticks immersed in salt water were used in public toilets and in other dry areas, sand, stones and powdered bricks were used to clean up. By the end of the fifteenth century, papers started replacing the traditional methods.

Facial tissues were the first type of tissues to be invented. Kleenex was the company which invented these. They were used to wipe off makeup, sweat etc. This is what later developed into facial wipes with different scents, different colours etc. Surveys have found that the facial wipes invented by Kleenex were used by many to blow noses, which was not one of the purposes to be served by that.

Compared to the traditional ways of cleaning up, tissues offered a better and more hygienic method to clean up after using the restroom. Due to this, toilet tissues were famous. For a very long time, people thought of toilet tissues as a very personal and private commodity and purchased it in secret to avoid the embarrassment faced when seen with it. Later on, its publicity increased and people learnt to accept its requirement.

In the kitchen, towels were used to dry the utensils, but one major problem while using towels is that after wiping the initial few vessels, it absorbs water and even after squeezing out the water, it doesn’t absorb much water after that.
By replacing towels with tissues, even though the quantity of tissue required is more, it is more effective in drying the

Taking advantage of this situation, where tissues turned into a basic necessity, jumbo roll tissue suppliers came up with the idea of jumbo tissues. These rolls of tissue can be used for almost all purposes which include domestic purposes like cleaning, wiping etc. to restroom uses. Once this jumbo roll is placed in the restroom with a dispenser to hold the jumbo roll, it doesn’t have to be restocked as often as it needs to be while using a regular sized tissue rolls. These are mainly used in public restrooms and industries as the number of people using them would be on the rise here.

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